Bertog Landscape Co., designs, builds, maintains and manages every element needed to bring your personal vision of natural beauty to life. Each consultation is as unique as you are, and each creation is truly one of a kind. Our commitment to you is a lifelong partnership; we remain devoted to your enjoyment of your outdoor spaces.

design & build – We approach each project as the unique challenge that it is. When you partner with Bertog, there are no off the- shelf solutions or pre-packaged plans. We get to know you, your preferences and the nature of the site itself, seamlessly progressing from survey to concept to delivery, finally delivering a scene pulled directly from your imagination.

maintenance – By its nature, landscaping is not a static thing. It grows, matures, develops and changes. Bertog does more than create a vision for today; we plan one that will last a lifetime with proper maintenance and grooming. We protect the beauty – and the investment value—of your ideal environment, with the best tools and techniques available.

irrigation & lighting – To nurture and showcase your creation, Bertog offers exceptional irrigation and lighting services. Customized sprinkling and drainage systems make it effortless to maintain the health of your planted spaces, and creative lighting solutions enhance the appearance and accessibility of your landscaped creation.

snow removal – Even as the seasons turn and your garden creation sleeps until spring, you can count on Bertog to provide valuable service as your snow and ice removal service. With some of the most advanced equipment and most skillful operators on the North Shore, Bertog’s 35+ years of experience can ease your stress of keeping your property clear when Mother Nature presents conditions to the contrary.