Irrigation and Lighting

The key to a beautiful environment is making it look effortless, and with Bertog’s advanced sprinkling, irrigation and lighting technology, your landscape will look as elegant and lush as the day it was created. With more than 20 years of experience, we know how to install the ideal system that delivers optimal coverage of your turf and planting spaces, keeping them fresh and vibrant throughout the growing season.

Bertog only uses the finest and most advanced irrigation products. When you call us for a complimentary on-site consultation, you’ll receive a detailed proposal laying out your new or renovated sprinkler system, programmed and timed to deliver maximum benefit to your green spaces. We also service sprinkler systems, including springtime activation and autumn deactivation.

Our irrigation division also designs custom lighting solutions suited to any landscaped environment. A quality lighting system, installed and maintained by our own professional staff, can enhance the beauty of any space with dramatic focal lighting or improve the safety of a walking path with subdued illumination. You don’t have to stop enjoying your vision of natural beauty at sunset – with creative lighting solutions by Bertog, your vision can continue to shine.

With Bertog, you can count on an effortless environment, beautifully showcased.