Bertog Landscape Co.’s comprehensive approach to landscape maintenance reflects our commitment to protect your landscape investment. Our programs assure that all stages of the garden’s maturation will be healthy and create the finest setting for your home or commercial property.

Each landscape is unique, offering individual challenges and opportunities. They are designed, installed, and then grow and reach a state of anticipated beauty, an elegant maturity that is the fulfillment of the original design dream. Throughout its life your garden must be encouraged, groomed, cleaned, and maintained to look its finest.

Our weekly maintenance programs include seasonal clean ups, specialty programs such as perennial garden maintenance, integrated pest management (I.P.M.), and organic-based turf, tree, and shrub health care. We also offer turf restoration and detailed pruning programs that include: Maintenance, Structural, and Rejuvenation pruning.

Regularly scheduled inspections and reports are also a part of our commercial property maintenance program.